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Update! 10-22-2020

Wow what a roller coaster of a year! We have a few major announcements to make, but first we'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who supports us and our tiny business of two, you are the reason we give our all and will continue to do so for as long as we are needed and able. As many of you may know, for the past two months we have not been taking new orders for fans due to problems with procuring materials, cutting off our income in the process. During that time we have continued to work overtime, to get the orders we had already taken before that point, made and sent to their new homes. We are almost there!!! (We have not had a real break in production in over 6 months) We have the remaining few orders in our queue made and ready for if you already have an order in with us... please rest assured that you are on deck and it won't be much longer. We are happy to announce that we finally got word that Kevlar will be here by the end of next week and we can get things rolling again. We are taking steps to make sure we don't end up in that pickle again. We plan to re-open fan sales on NOVEMBER 6th and there will be a few notable changes.1.) We will temporarily NOT be taking international orders and will only make sales available to the U.S. and Canada. (we have had and are still having a multitude of nightmare scenarios concerning ship times and damaged packages that are just too much for us to deal with on top of everything else) We will re-visit this decision once COVID-19 regulations and procedures change.2.) Due to the increasing demand for our fans and in order to best serve our customers... we will be limiting the number of open orders in our queue. Sales will be temporarily suspended once the limit is reached and we will re-open sales once we get it down to a manageable level. Announcements will be made for any closing or re-opening of sales.3.)We will be making substantially larger kevlar purchases and keeping more in stock. This has never been an issue before, but we are ready to make the necessary adaptations.4.)Doodlegrip fans will get their first ever price increase. (+10%) Since we made the very first Doodlegrip fan in 2014, and Doodle gave us his blessing and exclusive rights to provide them to the community, we have done everything we could to keep from raising the price, while our materials costs steadily went up across the board. Shipping supplies, welding and grinding supplies, Steel and Kevlar prices increased yearly. We started stamping and personalizing fans free of charge... And our skills have sharpened... so we are making the best fans we have ever made and spending more time to get them that way. All these things in conjunction with the wild demand for Doodlegrip fire fans have led us to this unavoidable change. Much will remain the same, including our dedication to providing the very best hand made fire fans possible with a lifetime warranty that doesn't quit as long as we are able to work. Again! huge thank yous' to our team and the fan spinners who so firmly hold us up to the highest standards. We are here to serve and provide props that you can count on... and we are extremely thankful to have the opportunity to do that. Sincerely, Jay and Becca Becker Forged Creations

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Jennifer on Mar 4, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

I’m ELATED with how beautiful my 3 year old fans look after this wick replacement / cleanup. Both the handling and communication were super timely. My fans look brand new, but it’s even better than a new pair because they hold all of the magic of the three years we’ve spent together 💖 Thank you for the engraving and for revamping my babies! I’m so happy!!!

Elixir on Sep 20, 2019

5 out of 5 stars

I love my new flatgrips! Forged Creations was easy to communicate with and they helped me pick out which fans were right for me. My fans came in the mail fast, and they are perfectly weighted. I couldn't be happier with them!

Jordan on Jul 25, 2019

5 out of 5 stars

Extremely high standard of quality, rings are smooth as butter. Love these!!!

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Taelor Brody

Taelor Brody is a performer and flow arts instructor currently residing in Denver, CO. Taelor’s first prop was a single hoop back in 2013, but fast forward to the present day to see that she is fully infatuated with fans! Taelor’s hard work and dedication to flow arts can be seen through her progress with fan manipulation. She has recently brought her knowledge of fans to events such as: UFG, Flame, Equilibrium Arts Event and CampFire Retreat. Taelor’s passion for teaching the art of fan manipulation is crystal clear and she can’t wait to continue sharing her expertise with the flow arts community.

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